american trauma event management
Online AED Management Includes
AED Prescription
Policy and Procedure Manual (industry specific)
Self-Directed Site Survey for AED placement.
Training options available by certified instructors in Health and Safety training programs including CPR and AED training.
PSAP NOTIFICATION (Public Safety Answering Point)
Medical Direction and Oversight.
EMS notification. Submission and completion of all agency notifications / registrations, including notification to local EMS of AED placements. Compliance with AED laws at the federal, state, & local level.
E-minder and on-line tracking to monitor the AED. Program is an inter-active web-based program. Data collection can include:
  • AED serial numbers
  • Locations of AED's
  • Expiration date of electrodes and batteries, including a spare set if applicable
  • Inspection dates
  • Data collection of training programs include CPR and AED
E-minder warning that pads and batteries are about to expire.
E-minder tracking of CPR /AED training dates and expirations.
Regulatory and manufacturer updates, including FDA or manufacturer recalls.
Post-Medical Event documentation when the AED is deployed, includes:
  • Download of event data. Information of the event will be downloaded when the AED is received and returned back to the client along with the event data report and physician's review, by licensed cardiologist.
Post-Medical Event Physician
Customer Phone Support.
Distribution of stress debriefing material.