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TraumaReady AED Management


AEDs save lives and are easy to use. However, to adhere to the FDA and Manufacturer guidelines, AEDs require ongoing management and maintenance. Physician approved protocol procedures are also required. In addition, training responders, testing and maintaining your devices will also keep your organization protected by Good Samaritan Laws.

TraumaReady is used to assure compliance by providing complete medical direction and oversight.

  • Annual Medical Prescription/Authorization
  • Medical Oversight and Review
  • Policy and Procedure Manual
  • EMS Registration/Notification
  • PSAP notification (Public Safety Answering Point)
  • Online tracking of:

    • Routine Maintenance and Inspections
    • Electrode Pad Expiration Date.
    • Battery Expiration Date.
    • Recording of CPR / AED training.
    • AED Consumables and Replacement of Parts.
    • AED Recalls and upgrades.
    • Changes to Local, State and Regional Laws.
  • Site Analysis based upon self-directed questionnaire.
  • Download of Event if AED is deployed.
  • Medical Event Review and Documentation by TraumaReady Cardiologist.
  • One Hour Trauma counseling and debriefing material supplied by licensed therapist

The customer is set up with a web-based account. ATEM's management program provides instant information as to the status of the AED. The TraumaReady software will send e-minders to selected individuals when inspections and maintenance are to be performed per the guidelines of your AED. If this maintenance is not acheived, electronic notifications (e-minders) are sent to the local site administrator, informing them of each AED device that must be properly maintained. If this situation is not rectified after 2 reminders, the reporting system will notify the PAD program administrator.

When there are multiple units, even if they are located throughout the country, the pad manager is able to track the status of each AED, including training status, expiration of pads and batteries, maintenance checks and condition of each AED unit.