american trauma event management

QuikStat Basic AED Management Description

AEDs save lives and are easy to use. However, to adhere to the FDA and Manufacturer guidelines, AEDs require ongoing management and maintenance. Physician approved protocol procedures are required, training of responders, testing and maintaining your devices and replacing pads and batteries will keep your organization protected by Good Samaritan Laws.

Medical Direction & Oversight

  • - Annual medical prescription/authorization
  • - Medical oversight and review
  • - Policy and procedure manual
  • - EMS registration/notification
  • - PSAP notification (public safety answering point)
  • - Simple Online Database Program to alert the site contact of required maintenance via E-minders
    • E-minder notifications for monthly maintenance checks
    • 60-day notification prior to expiration date of Pads and Batteries.
    • 60-day notification prior to CPR /AED training expiration.
  • - Medical Event Review and Documentation by QuikStat licensed physician
    • Review of incident report - HIPAA complian
    • Interpretation of Client's Incident Narrative - HIPAA compliant
    • Interpretation of patient's EKG - HIPAA compliant
    • Feedback for patient's Healthcare Provider - HIPAA compliant
    • Follow-up Comments & Questions for Client
    • Review and analysis of protocols
  • - Debriefing material if the AED is deployed
  • - FREE AED loaner if AED is deployed

QuikStat Basic DOES NOT include: